Teradata - POSITION Function - Get Position of Substring in String

POSITION function returns the position (integer number) of a substring in a string.

Quick Example:

Find position of word Jose in string San Jose:

   SELECT POSITION('Jose' IN 'San Jose');
   -- Result: 5


Summary information:

Syntax POSITION(substring IN string)
When Not Found Returns 0 when substring is not found in string
Returns NULL If string or substring is NULL
Alternatives INDEX function that is Teradata extension Different order of parameters
ANSI SQL POSITION function is ANSI SQL compliant

Related Functions:

INDEX Get Position of Substring in String Different order of parameters

Last Update: Teradata 13.0

Teradata POSITION in Other Databases

Defining the position of a substring in other databases:


INSTR(string, substring [,position [, occurrence]]) Different order of parameters
Allows specifying position and occurrence

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