Data Transfer Validation - Informix to Oracle Migration

SQLines Data tool helps you validate the data transfer from Informix to Oracle after the database migration.

Row Count Check

The fastest and simplest way that can reveal critical problems in data migration is to check the number of rows in corresponding Informix and Oracle tables.

SQLines Data tool allows you to easily compare tables by row count. The tool takes into account changes in schema and tables names.

Data Validation in Columns and Rows

The most reliable way to validate the data migration is to compare data in each column and row.

SQLines Data tool can order the data by primary key, unique constraint or index, or all columns, then retrieve rows from Informix and Oracle and compare the data.

The tool takes into account data transformations made during the data transfer.

Empty Strings and NULL

In Informix, a VARCHAR column can store empty string (''), a string with 0 length that is not NULL. Oracle does not support empty strings, and when you insert '' into a VARCHAR2 column, NULL value is inserted.


  -- NULL value will be inserted
  INSERT INTO cities (name) VALUES ('');

During the data validation SQLines Data tool considers empty string in Informix and Oracle NULL as equal values, and does not report any differences.

But you may need to modify your queries and applications to handle NULL in Oracle instead of an empty string, especially if your application treats empty string and NULL as different values.