Oracle to Snowflake Migration

SQLines provides tools to help you convert database schema (DDL), views, queries and SQL scripts from Oracle to Snowflake.

  • SQLines SQL Converter - SQL scripts assessment and conversion tool


  • Oracle 19c, 18c, 12c, 11g, 10g and 9i
  • Snowflake

Oracle to Snowflake Migration Reference

SQL Language Elements

Built-in SQL Functions

Converting string functions:

Oracle Snowflake
1 INSTR(str, substr, pos, occur) Get the position of substring REGEXP_INSTR(str, substr, pos, occur)

Converting date and time functions:

Oracle Snowflake
1 MONTHS_BETWEEN(dt1, dt2) Get difference in months MONTHS_BETWEEN(dt1, dt2)
2 SYSDATE Get the current date and time CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(0)
3 TO_CHAR(datetime, format) Convert a datetime to string TO_CHAR(datetime, format)
4 TO_DATE(str, format) Convert a string to date and time TO_TIMESTAMP(str, format)
5 TRUNC(datetime) Truncate a datetime value TRUNC(datetime)