DATEPART Function - Sybase ASE to MariaDB Migration

In Sybase ASE you can use DATEPART function to extract the integer part of the specified unit (a date part such as year, month, day etc.) from a datetime value.

In MariaDB there is no single function with the same functionality, and you have to use YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY() and other functions to extract the required datetime units (date parts).

Sybase ASE:

  -- Get the name of week day
  SELECT DATEPART(dw, '2017-12-17')
  # 1


  -- Get the name of week day
  SELECT DAYOFWEEK('2017-12-17')
  # 1

Mapping Sybase ASE DATEPART Units to MariaDB

You can use SQLines SQL Converter to convert Sybase ASE DATEPART function to MariaDB that maps the units to the appropriate datetime functions in MariaDB:

Sybase ASE MariaDB Output Example
yy year DATEPART(yy, GETDATE()) YEAR(NOW()) 2017
qq quarter DATEPART(qq, GETDATE()) QUARTER(NOW()) 4
mm month DATEPART(mm, GETDATE()) MONTH(NOW()) 12
wk week DATEPART(wk, GETDATE()) WEEK(NOW()) 51
dd day DATEPART(dd, GETDATE()) DAY(NOW()) 17
dy dayofyear DATEPART(dy, GETDATE()) DAYOFYEAR(NOW()) 351
hh hour DATEPART(hh, GETDATE()) HOUR(NOW()) 19
mi minute DATEPART(mi, GETDATE()) MINUTE(NOW()) 22
ss second DATEPART(ss, GETDATE()) SECOND(NOW()) 8
ms millisecond DATEPART(ms, GETDATE()) MICROSECOND(NOW(3))/1000 396
us microsecond DATEPART(us, CURRENT_BIGTIME()) MICROSECOND(NOW(6)) 324091

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