SQLines Data - Configure and Troubleshoot Connection to Sybase ASE

If you need to connect to a localhost Sybase ASE database you do not need to setup any additional libraries to use SQLines Data tool as they are already supplied with the Sybase ASE server software.

If you need to connect to a remote Sybase ASE database, you need to have Client Library/C (CT-Lib) installed in your system.

Check if you already have Sybase ASE libraries:

  • Linux: ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/lib)
    • libsybct64.so
    • libsybcs64.so
  • Windows (please make sure, the Sybase library path is added to the PATH environment variable):
    • C:\SAP\OCS-16_0\dll
    • C:\sybase\OCS-15_0\lib
  • Files:
    • libsybct64.dll
    • libsybcs64.dll

To install Sybase client software, go to https://developers.sap.com/trials-downloads.html and scroll down to SDK for Adaptive Server Enterprise. Download the latest SDK version for your client platform (Windows or Linux).

Note that you can still use the latest SDK even if you need to connect to old version of the Sybase ASE database i.e. you can use SDK 16 to connect to Sybase ASE 12.5.

Configuring Client Library/C on Linux

Before running sqldata command, add Sybase Client Library/C location to LD_LIBRARY_PATH:


Password Encryption

If your Sybase server is configured to require encrypted password connection, you will not be able to login using a plain text password.

To set password encryption, edit sqldata.cfg file and set -sybase_encrypted_password=yes