Informix - Create a Dbspace using onspaces Command

You often need to create a dbspace to store the data and indexes for your database.

Informix on Windows and onspaces

When you create an Informix instance on Windows, a command line environment script is created for the instance.

For example, if you created the instance named ol_informix2, you can see a new item in the Start Menu to launch the command line environment configured to use this instance:

Lauch the command line environment.

For example, let's create a 4 GB dbspace named dbsp2 at c:\IFMXDATA\ol_informix2\dbsp2.000

Firstly you have to manually create an empty file c:\IFMXDATA\ol_informix2\dbsp2.000, then run the following onspaces command to create the dbspace. :

onspaces -c -d dbsp2 -p c:\IFMXDATA\ol_informix2\dbsp2.000 -o 0 -s 4194304

The dbspace was successfully created, and now you can create a database in this dbspace.

Run in a SQL editor (DBAccess i.e):

  -- Create a database in dbsp2 dbspace
  CREATE DATABASE sales IN dbsp2;

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Written by Dmitry Tolpeko - April 2013.

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