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Why SQLines Tool

SQLines is easily customizable, you can develop your own advanced custom conversions without any low-level coding within a few minutes (see examples).

SQLines tool offers the following features and benefits:


SQLines can help you perform assessment of your SQL scripts and application source code, and generate custom reports using various templates and assessment functions.

  • Assessment during Project Evaluation
    Prior to migration, you can use SQLines to assess the complexity of the migration, identify potential issues and challenges
  • Assessment after Conversion
    After completing the development phase of migration, you can use SQLines to identify issues that left unattended or not properly handled by tools that you used to automate conversion or after manual conversion.
    SQLines allows you to assess any code, even partially converted and containing syntactic errors, no matter which tool you used to do the conversion.
    Using SQLines you can do verification and static testing for the converted code that can be especially helpful when you have a large amount of code and the full code review is time consuming
  • Custom Assessment
    Using the conversion language and report templates, you can easily extend assessment information, define own reports, their content and appearance.


Using SQLines you can migrate SQL and application code between different platforms.

Conversion Language and Custom Options

SQLines helps you reduce the manual conversion as much as possible and allows you easily to develop own conversions and customize existing conversion templates.

Using the powerful conversion language you can quickly specify both simple find/replace and advanced conversions with flow-of-control statements.

To manage conversion behavior, you can also add own options and use them in the conversion templates without any coding. More...

Supported Databases and Applications

SQLines is developed to support major databases and applications. You can easily add new databases and applications by configuring the tool and develop or modifying conversion templates. There is no need to recompile the tool.

Cross Platform Development and Learning

With SQLines you can develop in one language and then deploy in another. It can also help you learn new technologies faster. More...

SQLines Online and Desktop/Server Versions - Windows/Linux/Unix

If you perform one-time SQL conversions, or do simple conversions from time to time, and do not need all advanced features required in migration projects, you can benefit from using SQLines Online Tool

For advanced features (UI, batch processing and automation, converting large files, customizing reports, developing and customizing conversion templates i.e.) you can use a desktop/server version available for Windows and Linux/Unix. Download

Licensing and Support

SQLines is available free of charge and released under open source GPL v3 license. If you want to include the tool to your proprietary software, you have to obtain a commercial license. More...

We do our best to react to user inquiries and improve SQLines, but this may be not enough for your migration project needs and timeline. In this case, you can consider purchasing various support options. More...