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===== SQL Statements Testing ===== ===== SQL Statements Testing =====
-SQL Statements Testing is usually performed by SQL developers who test the converted statements for syntax errors, and compare the results between Oracle and SQL Server on the sample data. +While during a Code Review you can easily identify the design issues, it is almost impossible to  
 +guarantee 100% testing coverage. Minor **syntax** errors, missed or mistyped **database objects** or **identifiers**,  
 +data type **casting** issues still may exist in the converted code.
-Typically SQL statements are manually extracted from the application and executed in a query tool as standalone queries without following any application workflow. +SQL Statements Testing allows you to discover and resolve such problems. This type of testing is usually  
 +performed by a migration expert or SQL developers who **extract** SQL statements from the application and execute 
 +them in a SQL Query tool as standalone statements.   
 +This kind of testing is highly effective to identify **syntax** errors in SQL statements.  
 +You can extract SQL statements manually or use [[/sqlextract|SQLExtract]] tool to automatically extract SQL statements 
 +from the application source code.
-Besides SQL statements, the stored procedures and user-defined functions are also tested by executing with a test input and comparing the results. 
===== User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ===== ===== User Acceptance Testing (UAT) =====